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LATE NIGHT IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I’m going to reblog this at a more civil time tomorrow, but whatever. I’m doing a new Abraxas Chessmaster zine, everyone!

While the last Chessmaster Guide focused on the spiritual qualities of well-known animals, this one will focus on unconfirmed ones— those compelling creatures that tread the line between imagination and discovery, between the factual and the fantastic. This time around, cryptids are the name of the game, and we’ve got an all-star list of them! (See the list, pictured above.)


…in an e-mail to by Sept. 15th.

This invitation is open to both newcomers AND artists who participated in the last issue. Submissions should be six by nine inches, 300DPI resolution, and can be in color or in black and white. They can be as simple or as complex as you’d like— just get them in to me by October 20th and it’s all good.

The finished zine will be released digitally on a pay-what-you-want model, with all profits split evenly between participating creators. A very limited VHS-case print run may or may not also be in the works (depending on whether I can print them for cheaper than “stupid balls expensive”, like they were last time).

I’m very excited to work on a Chessmaster project again! My third eye is still bleary and bloodshot from having just been cracked open after a long rest. Our last issue was a showcase jam-packed with incredible art, and I think we can make this issue even cooler. Join me as we once again voyage into the ABYSS OF ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE together!!

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    Fantastic! Just a thing: Kirin aren’t horse hybrids.Sure,they do have some equine features but they are ultimately...
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    argggh crossing my fingers for either the kelpie, dingonek, or black shuck~
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    YESSSS. I am prepared for this voyage.
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